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Keeping It Simple

Inventing myself as a newbie blogger - and being good to myself in the process.

My very first blog entry, on my very first website — it has to be perfect, right?

Can I write a perfect blog and be good to myself at the same time? How does that work when the heart of my site, my fundamental message, is all about this amazing superpower: being good to yourself. If I have to choose between making it perfect, and being good to myself… kind of a no brainer. How do I pull this off?

  1. I’ll keep it simple.

  2. I’ll keep it short.

  3. I’ll keep it fun.

First off: Who is my audience? Well, if you’re reading this, that would be you, and connecting effectively with you is what I consider a key ingredient of being good to myself. Some of my topics are specific to energy workers. Some topics have a more general appeal for the prevailing theme, 'being good to yourself'. I'LL KEEP IT SIMPLE: thoughtful, expressive titles. You'll self-select —you’ll choose my audience, article by article, title by title.

Next consideration: How often do I publish? Uh-oh: committing to something yet untried. This sounds the opposite of being good to myself. Okay, breath. How can I be good to myself here? Choices. Choice is my most prized superpower (spoiler alert: future topic). Number one choice: being good to myself. I’LL KEEP IT SHORT: brief and to the point so frequency isn’t a such huge deal. And, I can ease into a rhythm that feels right for me — high five being good to myself!

Finally, I'll KEEP IT FUN: “Keep it simple and keep it short"—good, creative challenges; invent thoughtful, expressive titles for my topics—good creative challenge. Being creative is my kind of fun. "Fun" is writing about topics close to my heart. Blogging is writing, so blogging can be fun!

And that, my friends, is a good start for closing the gap between being good to myself and being a newbie blogger.


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