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Therapy Sessions Tailored To Your Needs

A  CranioSacral Therapy session averages one hour.  No oil needed so you remain fully clothed during sessions. What are you looking for from bodywork?  Below are some of the more common reasons people bring to me. No matter what you come for, you can expect to experience deep relaxation during and following treatment session.

Recipient may select from therapeutic objectives below, according to preference at time of appointment:

Stress Management & Relaxation:

Revitalize to work productively, play exuberantly.

Muscular Rehabilitation: 

Facilitate recovery from injury, inactivity, surgery.

Muscular Reeducation:

Remediate chronic patterns of muscular tension and pain.

Fine tune performance for dance, athletics, yoga...

Emotional Regulation:

Reduce anxiety; facilitate trauma recovery.

Spiritual Practice Support:

Meditate more deeply, shift and ballance yown energy, enhance contemplative introspection.

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